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vidéo avec son, 8 minutes 27 secondes

Intempérie is a work in which temporality is the performative gesture. It also proposes a formal reflection on the video medium.

This work draws an outline of research on these elements - slow motion as a non informatic process and its impact on the performative action - as well as the notion of intimacy, since is open a window on a moment where the tension comes from an undetermined source and where the conclusion is uncertain. The viewer has the choice to interpret the context in which the young woman is: her story, her fears. On the other hand, it can undoubtedly patiently penetrate this moment to detect each inconsistencies due to the excessive length of the simple gesture that tying hair is.

The intention in
Intempérie is not to imitate slowness, but to extract its endurance, weaknesses and peculiarities.

The title refers not only to the temperature (the soundtrack is one of the city after the rain), but also the to notion of temporality.

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